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West Cluster Model UN

This organization encompasses Model United Nations clubs at Plano West, Jasper, and Shepton High Schools.


Beyond providing students an avenue to compete at local (DAMUN, TCCMUN, YMCA, etc.) and college-level (UT Austin, Rice, and the University of Houston) conferences in Texas, our Secretariat are most proud of enabling students with a global perspective.


Our club is always open to new members! We invite students to join our club to learn more about international affairs, while improving their public-speaking, research, and problem-solving skills. Model UN is a community and you can build long-lasting friendships within the club, at conferences, and through leadership roles.

Model UN is a simulation of the United Nations and its various committees.  Students perform the role of a delegate while debating real-world topics such as climate change and global health.

A few key points...

  • Delegates represent countries (organizations, or characters).

  • There are strict guidelines and procedures that all delegates follow to debate the topic.

    • Ex. Some delegates have the opportunity to deliver a speaker​s list speech at the beginning of their committee session; this is one of the only speeches that is prepared ahead of time.

  • The goal of a conference is to create a multi-faceted resolution that can realistically address and solve the issue. 

  • ALL students are eligible to participate in Model UN conference.

    • Some conferences offer committees based on experience level.


Scan the QR code to join the Plano West, Jasper, or Shepton MUN Google Classroom. All clubs are open to new members!

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