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Plano West MUN Mock Conference

Location: Plano West Senior High School

Date: 4/16/2023

Position papers are NOT required, though if you want feedback, please email it to by 4/14. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Photo from PWMUN I


Plano West Model UN Logo.jpg

UNSC Crisis (Advanced)

Topic: Cuban Missle Crisis

Background Guide

Plano West Model UN Logo.jpg

ECOSOC (Intermediate)

Taiwan’s Dominance of the Semiconductor Market

Background Guide

Plano West Model UN Logo.jpg

UNHRC (Novice)

The Repression and Violation of Uyghur Muslim Rights in China

Background Guide




As this is a mock conference, our delegate fees will only be $10. The payment needs to be made in-person while checking in. 

The payment can only be made in cash only as well. Please place the invoice, which will be emailed out, into an envelope with the proper amount of payment. On the outside of the envelope, please make sure to write "West Cluster Model UN Mock Conference Delegate Fees". 

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