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View all the standard and crisis committees offered at PWMUN I (2023) below!

Standard committees allow delegates to experience more formal debate where countries have to work together and compromise with one another. Delegates will benefit from research and preparation, and an authentic country stance.

Crisis committees operate on a different set of rules than standard committees, and teach delegates to act quickly and creatively. The committees are also updated with new information as the conference goes on. The real test of these committees is how delegates adapt to new problems.

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(Middle School Standard Committee)

Topic A: Private Military Contractors
Topic B: Non-Self Governing Territories

Co-Chair: Saanvi Mukkara

Co-Chair: Sri Manasi Katuri

Clerk: Abhinav Bellam


(Middle School Standard

Topic A: Removing Tangible Barriers for Children to Escape Poverty

Topic B: Housing Insecurity for Children

Co-Chair: Jiya Surywanshi

Co-Chair: Sadhana Dharmmireddy

Clerk: Jiya Sharma

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(Novice High School Standard

Topic A: Effects of microplastics on oceanic pollution and human health.

Topic B: How climate change affects agricultural food production in the future.

Co-Chair: Raghav Kalyanaraman

Co-Chair: Vinod Venkataraman

Clerk: Shreyas Yerrakondreddygari


WHO (Intermediate/Advanced High School Standard Committee)

Topic A: Resurgence of COVID-19 in China

Topic B: Vaccine Development

Co-Chair: Elisa Dash

Co-Chair:  Bala Ravulapali

Clerk: Akshay Appan

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Historical UNSC
High School Crisis Committee)

Topic: Iran-Iraq War

Co-Chair: Averille Taylor

Co-Chair: Trinity McCree

Crisis Staff: Tejal Mathew, Vivek Venkataraman, Neha Ramachandran, Akshay Appan, Jordan Mutubuki, Afsheen Hossain, and Hiram Sanabria

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