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Delegate Expectations & Awards

View the delegate expectations below (modified from the HAMUN conference).

All delegates are expected to...​
  • Prepare for the conference by researching their respective country and topic and write a position paper.

  • Adhere to the Code of Conduct and Dress Code (listed below).

  • Listen to and follow any instructions from conference staff.

  • Actively participate in the committee’s debate, including but not limited to making speeches, caucusing, proposing resolutions and amendments, and voting.

  • Listen attentively and respectively during Opening and Closing ceremonies.

Individual & Delegation Awards

To be considered for an award, delegates must submit a position paper over at least one of their committee topics.​ More details regarding award criteria can be found on your committee's background guides.

  • Best Delegate : to one delegate who demonstrates excellence in representation and performance in a single committee. This is the highest award offered in every committee.

  • Outstanding Delegate: to one who demonstrates outstanding and notable performance in committee.

  • Honorable Delegate: to acknowledge two delegates in each committee deserving of recognition for their performance.

  • Best Position Paper: to one delegate in each committee that writes the best position paper, as judged by the Dias of that committee according to the criteria described in the position paper instructions; this delegate must write a position paper of at least two pages that cover both committee topics. 

Code of Conduct

​PWMUN I secretariat will strictly enforce the following code of conduct at conference:​

  • School Badges: For security purposes, school badges must be kept visible at all times by both delegates and faculty members.

  • Electronics: Delegates are permitted to use laptops during caucuses strictly for the purpose of crafting working papers/draft resolutions.

  • Pre-written Resolutions: PWMUN I strives to promote an environment that fosters diplomacy and negotiation in all committees. With this in mind, delegates are not permitted to bring pre-written resolutions of any kind to the conference.

  • Notes: Note passing will be permitted in committees at the discretion of the dais and may be suspended at any time. Notes must be professional and pertinent to the topic.

Dress Code

All delegates at PWMUN must adhere to the following dress code: ​

  • Suits: A suit always looks professional and is the best option.

  • Shirts & Tops: Gentlemen must wear a collared button-down shirt that is tucked in at all times. Ties are always recommended. Ladies may wear a blouse, sweater or button down shirt. T-shirts are not permitted.

  • Pants & Bottoms: Slacks and suit pants are acceptable, preferable in dark colors. Ladies, skirts are appropriate.

  • Shoes: Gentlemen should wear dress shoes. Ladies may wear closed toed heels or dress flats.

  • Hair: Keep hair looking professional at all times.

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