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Access these links for Model UN resources. We encourage that you print some of these prior to the conference for easy reference.

We recommend all delegates to attended meetings to understand Model UN on a meaningful level. That being said, we would also like to remind all delegates that attending conferences is the best way to learn (and improve) as a Model UN delegate. 

Model UN Basics Playlist

Watch our five-part series that covers the master MUN slideshow for standard committee procedures on YouTube!


Master MUN Slideshow

Click to access one presentation with all the sides we have covered!


Parliamentary Cheat Sheet

Click to access a parliamentary cheat sheet guide.


Resolution Template

Click to access a resolution template provided by the YMCA!


Resolution Writing Cheat Sheet

Click to access a cheat sheet with perambulatory and operative clause verbs (+an example resolution).


Position Paper Example

View an example of a position paper.


Research Guide

Access document to see Model UN researching tips.


Position Paper Template

An optional template to begin writing your position paper (topic paper).


Crisis Slideshow

Click to access the presentation we covered to review crisis MUN.

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